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We are proud to annouce that posting of material to the Montgomery County, Ohio Digital Archives web site progresses well.  To date, Sunday, March 20, 2011, the following record sets have been posted:


Welcome to the Montgomery County, Ohio Digital Archives

Welcome to the site displaying, in a small part, the digital archives accumulated by A. Wayne Webb over the past 15 years or so.  If you are looking for a quality showcase of what a digital archive can be, then you are at the right place.  If you want microfilm or photostatic style images then you are not.

During the time that your host has been accumulating these images, repeated trips occurred between New Jersey and Ohio.  These annual junkets are the last of September and first of October with occasional trips during the remainder of each year.

The archives presently encompass such diverse record sets as the first four marriage dockets covering the span of 1803 to 1851 to the first Commissioners' Journal (1804-1823).  Also included are the 1827 and 1830 tax duplicates, three marriage affidavit dockets (1824-1837), the first death register (1866-1875).  Last, but not least, are in excess of 148 estate packets, some with accompanying original wills.

The older digital collections are 8 bit gray scale and either in 300 or 400 pixels per inch resolution.  There is a limited collection, primarily prior to the year 2000, which were scanned at the much lower resolution of 150 pixels per inch.  These are slowly being re-mastered.  Newer collections have been digitized at 24 bits color and at 400 pixels per inch with wills and administration bonds being scanned at 600 ppi.   The estates represent mostly people belonging to the German Baptist Brethren church with others being people of interest in my research.

Please Donate!

This site costs money!!! Though attempts have been made to gain at least a half-dozen or so subscribers to the site's paid resources (The Gospel Messenger), this has failed. If this continues then this site will be shut down for lack of support. If you can spare a small donation via PayPal please consider doing so. You, and others, will reap the benefits! There have been over 2,000 views of the pages on this site so it is known that it has value for you, the visitor. Please support the site.


We all must one day leave this world!  At that time we must be prepared for what will happen to our historical and genealogical collections, be they paper of be they digital.  Are you ready for that eventually?  I know I am not.

But all is not lost!  We, your host and his wife, have had immense pleasure over the years accumulating our collection.  Measures have been put in place, using archival quality media discs (and following image acquisition procedures as delineated by the National Archives & Records Administration), to ensure that this collection does not become extinct.  At some time in the future, and after proper arrangements have been made, the records pertaining to Montgomery county will be turned over to the Records Center & Archives of the county.

Hopefully this will preserve this collection of nearly 14,000 files and 250 gigabytes of disc space for future generations.

Wish List

I am a digital archivist; a recent term covering the myriad steps and skill set needed in digitally preserving the written word whether printed or hand-written.  To that end the Administrator has preserved in this manner many, many German Baptist Brethren publications.  Such is not the case when it comes to published works detailing past events and people of Montgomery county.  He would like to do so.


We are Volunteers!

Volunteers are needed, and appreciated!  The task of indexing hand-written documents is time consuming, wearisome to the mind, and a thankless task.  However, it must be done!  If you feel you are capabale of handling such an endeavor we want to hear from you.  The benefits are in a job well-done and knowing that, in a small way, you have made a difference.  If you wish to contribute in this manner please contact the Administrator.

Record Indexing

My gratitude to Mr. Jesse Davis of the Brethren Mailing List.  He recently volunteered to aid in transcribing the index of the Marriage Docket A-2.  With his invaluable assistance we have now finalized indexing of the A's and B's.  Hopefully others will join in this worthy project.

We have also begun the imagery work on the marriages of Docket B-2.  This book covers the years 1844 thru 1851 and of the 632 pages 128 are the index and 504 are the marriages themselves.  It is hoped to have the index online within the month so index transcription can begin.

Volunteers to assist in the indexing would be well received and "goodies" are always extendED to those people.


We wish to personally pass along our thanks to Mr. Jesse Davis of Pennsylvania for his assitance in indexing the index images of Marriage docket A-2.  With his assistance the project took only several months for the nearly 4,000 individuals listed.  Meanwhile, to pick up the slack, Mrs. Donna M. St. Felix of Ohio has been gracious enough to continue Mr. Davis' efforts.  She has begun indexing Marriage docket B-2 and to date has indexed up to the letter B of the grooms; slightly over 600 people.

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